Outward journey

  • Taurito: Collection at main road bus stop.
  • Tauro: Collection at Tauro Anfi Emerald reception.
  • Puerto Rico: Collection roundabout McDonald’s, Puerto Rico.
  • Anfi Beach: Collection at Anfi Beach taxi stop.Monte Anfi: Collection at Monte Anfi reception.Gran Anfi: Collection at Gran Anfi reception.
  • Costa Meloneras: Collection in front hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras.
  • Don Miguel: Collection at bus stop in front hotel Don Miguel.
  • Aguila Roja: Collection at bus stop Aguila Roja.


  • Garbo´s

Select return day. Available JUST THURSDAYS:

Rate round trip:

  • Price per person or passanger 15

Reservations for transfer service have to be made before 14:00 the day before the show.


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Taurito, Tauro, Puerto Rico, Anfi Beach, Monte Anfi, Gran Anfi, Costa Meloneras, Don Miguel, Aguila Roja